Things are definitely getting real at this point in time and it’s possible that in the back of your mind you’re wondering to yourself “is now the right time in my life for this?” If this thought has crossed your mind once or twice, let me just say that if you don’t do this now, you never will, and if you don’t take action now it could quite possibly be one of the biggest regrets of your life.  

Regret is one of the saddest things in life and if you go to a retirement village and ask people there about what they regret, there will be two very common responses, one is “spending more time with family and friends” and the other is “taking the plunge and following my dream”.

You have an opportunity here to live both of these things. By taking the plunge and following your dream you have the opportunity to generate cashflow and create a lifestyle that gives you the choice of how you spend your time.

You can have the choice to decide how and with who you spend your extra time with. This is the power of running a successful business.  

We encourage you to follow your heart and if it’s not a Studio Pilates franchise, then we implore you to take action and follow a different dream because life is so incredibly short and regret is a poison for the soul when time runs out and you have no choice.

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