Having worked in Management positions for some of Australia’s largest leading retail organisations, Haley was ready for a new challenge.  Having been a client of Studio Pilates since the beginning, Haley embarked on a new chapter in life and became an instructor by immersing herself into the world of Studio Pilates.

It wasn’t long before Haley knew that she wanted to turn this mini-challenge into something even bigger. “I knew Tanya & Jade well (co-founders). I knew they had integrity, and they knew how to get results.”   In August 2017, Studio Pilates Richmond opened their doors with Haley in the driver's seat as the proud owner!

So why Melbourne?  “After trying a lot of Pilates studios in Melbourne it was crystal clear that no-one was doing what Studio Pilates delivers and I knew it was a formula that works.”  Using her experience in retail and customer service, Haley knew that the Studio Pilates model was going to be a no-brainer for her and her business partners.  Being new to the market made Haley’s journey even more exciting because she got to wow the Melbourne market with the innovative SPTV system and first-rate customer experience.

One benefit that a lot of owners are surprised with after opening is the community that is created by starting their Studio Pilates.  Richmond was no different! Relationships were formed instantly between the instructors and their clients that the area had never experienced before.  “Creating a new community in Richmond that never existed is the best part of all. But now I am constantly seeing regular clients achieve some amazing results, and I’m now part of their community. Supercool!!!”

But what about the numbers?  Were Haley and her partners happy with their results?  “We exceeded our expectations for turnover in the first year!  To do what we did and have the numbers come through the door was pretty cool and satisfying.”  

The difference between Studio Pilates and other fitness franchises is simple.  We are a family that provides a huge level of support to our network, both from head office, but also amongst each of the owners.  Everybody comes together with different experiences and skills, so what is one person’s weakness, is another person’s strength and we help each other out.

This isn’t a typical business, we change lives daily.  It may sound corny, but it’s 100% true! “Clients show me before and after shots of themselves.  You can see the changes in their bodies, but also how proud they are as they show you something so incredibly personal. It’s very humbling.”


A lot of people hesitate to get into their own business because they are nervous and often think that when they want to have a holiday, their business will stop.  Not Studio Pilates! You can work as much or as little as you like to suit your lifestyle.  “It was so cool to take a skiing trip earlier in the year and see the business keep going even better than normal, which shows it can be done!  Having said that, I love working in this business so I don’t WANT to take as many holidays as I used to!”

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So, what’s Haley’s favourite thing about Studio Pilates? The instructor training is second to none!  Our instructors receive extensive online training, practical face to face training as well as on the job training gaining experience within our studios. This results in nothing but the best instructors taking our clients through their paces!  “James, the Director of Education is an amazing support in Personal Development & Training - that’s something elsewhere I think we are unrivalled in.

Haley can’t stop talking about her Studio Pilates experience with everyone she comes in contact with.  This is bringing more and more clients to her studio, and friends and clients wanting to have the same love of work as Haley!  

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