When talking with people about your new goal of opening a franchise, and when sharing your new excitement about this opportunity with others, some may try to hold you back from following your heart by instilling fear in you, albeit in a well-meaning way. We see this happen from time to time and it truly saddens us.

You’re excited about starting your new business and you might tell a friend, family member or loved one about your plans to open a business and they may say things like “business can be really hard at times” or “my parents owned a business once and they found it tough”.

This well-intentioned comment has got you second-guessing yourself. The only thing here is that none of these people ever owned a Studio Pilates franchise!

These people giving you advice, advice that you probably didn’t ask for in the first place, may have never set foot inside a Studio Pilates before. They may have never experienced the incredible burn that a Studio Pilates class creates and they may have never seen how busy a Studio Pilates business gets!

In addition, they have never seen the world leading systemization that is synonymous with the Studio Pilates brand that makes running a Studio Pilates franchise so simple and straightforward.

So, a word from the wise, use your own eyes, your own judgement and instinct to assess the opportunity here. You are the only person in this world who has the knowledge that you do, the experiences that you’ve had and if you feel that it’s right for you, then you should follow your heart and start living your best life now with Studio Pilates.