Kim’s children were growing into independent young adults right before her eyes.  It made her wonder, what was next for me? Kim decided to put her body and mind to the test and enrolled in a mat Pilates course through Studio Pilates Education.  While Kim was studying, she discovered the amazing franchise opportunity that Studio Pilates offered and decided this was what was next!

“I saw an opportunity to bring something quite extraordinary to my local area and I wanted everyone to experience the amazing benefits Pilates has to offer”.

Kim wanted her studio to be absolutely perfect, and perfect it is!  Super high ceilings, 11 deluxe reformers, TV screens all around, music pumping and Kim’s amazing team instructing and always making sure all clients are safe, having fun and working hard every class!

“For me personally it’s about my people. I can honestly say there isn't one day where I don't feel the love and appreciation for all that is SP and for all we have to offer. It has been the most life-changing journey in so many different ways. I have gained a world of knowledge and learnt some big lessons. I am grateful for these experiences and, these are my successes.”

Having been out of the workforce for several years, Kim was a little unsure of how to get back into it all.  What would her day look like? How would she know what to do? With the ongoing support from the team at HQ, Kim was able to put her worries aside.  Training as an instructor, a manager, and how to operate the business was all provided and boosted her confidence. Even after doors open, the training support continues with franchisees able to access learning materials 24/7 online so that they can further their skills and update their knowledge with the latest innovations.

Kim’s clients play a big part in the person that she has become.  In fact, the clients affect most owners and instructors in our network.  We see changes physically, emotionally and mentally in everyone who walks through our doors.  “To be a part of someone's journey is not only life-changing for them, but life-changing for me as well. My role with Studio Pilates as an instructor and studio owner is the best part of my day.”

More recently, Kim has been recognised for her passion for people.  Kim has been invited to be one of 30 “Most Inspirational Women in Business” for her local Business Excellence Awards, with a second nomination for “People Management Excellence”.  An outstanding achievement for somebody who had been out of the workforce for over 10 years!

Kim has set such a great example for both her daughter and son.  She has shown them that they can do anything if they put their hearts, minds and enthusiasm into it.  But she is also teaching her children to enjoy life and not just work. If you can combine the two, then it is a recipe for lifelong happiness.

“Be open to the journey and all it has to offer. Be patient and kind to yourself and enjoy the ride. It is life changing!” - Kim