Club Pilates has expanded widely in the USA, but many people are looking for Club Pilates franchise alternatives and different Pilates franchise opportunities that have a more family feel with a more upmarket approach to Pilates classes.  

People from all across the USA are seeking a franchise opportunity that avoids many of the pitfalls associated with most other Pilates chains and independent studios as well. 

This is where Studio Pilates International is so incredibly strong We have figured out robust solutions to all the common pain points that studio owners experience because we started out as a tiny two-person business back in 2002, one that was started using the credit cards of our Co-Founders when they could not get a bank loan for the $10,000 that they needed.  

Fast forward to today and we are expanding rapidly across the USA, Australia, New Zealand and China right now with franchise opportunities right across the United States. The primary difference and advantage of opening a Studio Pilates branded franchise is when you do, you’re joining a family. 

While we are already operating across more countries than any other Pilates franchise in the world, Studio Pilates still remains a family-owned and operated franchise network globally. This flows through into the support and overall experience that our franchisees receive. 

This family feel is at our core, and as a franchisee, always having someone to call and to talk to about what is going on in your studio is a key strength of our organisation and remains one of our key points of difference. 

Another key strength of the phenomenal success of the Studio Pilates organisation has been that our Co-Founders have both instructed Studio Pilates classes for over a decade with husband and wife team Jade and Tanya Winter now holding the roles of global CEO and the VP of Instructor Training respectively. 

This practical experience from the ground up has been one of the primary reasons for our rock-solid base of successful businesses. Many franchise systems are run by men in suits that have never instructed a class before, we’re the exact opposite of this and practical knowledge is king in the Studio Pilates International organisation. 

One of the many pitfalls experienced as a franchisee in most Pilates chains and also by independent operators is a shortage of great instructing staff. This is a problem that the Studio Pilates Franchise company has solved a long time ago and we are the leaders at generating world-class instructors very quickly with a best in class training program for staff. 

Chronic staff shortages simply don’t exist in the Studio Pilates International franchise network which is a huge advantage for our franchisees. 

To discover more, we invite you to enter your details and schedule a call with one of our friendly franchise team.