Only a very select few are authorised to create our workout programs. They are either sequenced and created by myself, our other co-founder Tanya Winter who is a university qualified physiotherapist, or James Mangahas who is our vice president of instructor training globally. James is also a physiotherapist with a decade and a half of Studio Pilates instructing experience.

Once our workouts are sequenced, they go through rigorous real-world testing at our original Studio Pilates location in Australia by our team of Olympic athletes, physiotherapists and instructor trainers. We test for practicality, achievability as well as the most vital elements for our customers which are intensity and safety.

These tried and tested workouts are then beamed to our studios across the world in multiple languages for Pilates lovers the world over to enjoy.

"No other Pilates company in history has our level of quality and systemization. This attention to detail is reflected in our ability to scale the highest quality classes in the industry on a global scale" - Co-Founder, Jade Winter