We believe that you should absolutely love doing a Pilates class, we think that you should be empowered by a workout and not be baffled by it like most other forms of exercise.

This is why we created our revolutionary SPTV system back in 2009. This innovative system is designed to make the understanding of each Pilates move much more simple, and helps to build your personal self confidence with each move that you master. Precise movement and subtle nuances of an exercise, unlocks the incredible toning benefits of Pilates, and targets areas of the body that you’re unable to with any other form of exercise.

SPTV is fully automated and each 40 min class plays on the system every 45min of the day and night around the clock. You don’t even have to press play to run a class, it simply starts automatically so that you can focus on welcoming your clients and getting them ready for the class. To run a class at a particular time in your studio, you simply select which time you’d like people to book into on the Studio Pilates app and away you go.

The beauty of SPTV is that the same workout is playing in every Studio Pilates location across the planet.  Each day thousands of people tune in to Studio Pilates workouts across the planet to transform their body and change their life.