"What do I see as the unique things that drive our global success? First and foremost it’s our unique client experience that we’ve created. Our beat-driven, sweat-inducing, reformer pilates classes are so completely different from any other that you may have experienced before and we have revolutionised the industry and brought it into the modern digital age." Jade Winter - SP Co-Founder 

Many carefully crafted elements of our business model are now synonymous with the Studio Pilates brand. On the surface it’s things like our stunning studio design, our high energy electronic dance music that’s streamed straight to your studio and our SPTV system that has made understanding what to do in a reformer Pilates class so incredibly easy.

When we dig a little deeper there are many more layers to what we do that makes us a world leader in our industry. Our industry leading training program has been crafted from almost two decades of instructing experience and business success. This level of experience and history simply doesn’t exist in any other Pilates franchise in the world.

"For almost two decades we have continually refined the perfect pilates workout, we’ve refined our highly streamlined and scalable business model and we’ve proven its success time and time again, year after year." says Jade

What you see today in a Studio Pilates class is the evolution of Jade's belief in a better way to work out for close to two decades now. Our beat-driven, sweat-inducing reformer classes have redefined Pilates forever and people the world over now get to experience the difference for themselves.  

"We know what works because we’ve tried everything that doesn’t. What you see before you today, and what you will experience when you join our team, is the winning formula and an incredible opportunity for a fast track to making money doing something which will bring you joy." - Jade Winter