For us, culture is everything in our organization, as is the client experience in our business. The member experience is what drives the success of our organization globally. By delivering a true wow factor for each customer with each class, our combined and unified success flourishes and prospers.  

"One of the key features of Studio Pilates is that we deliver superior quality to any other Pilates studio globally and we deliver this at an affordable cost to our customers." - Jade Winter, SP Co-Founder

The winning combination of superior value for money, a world best workout and a passionate and positive community of franchisees makes Studio Pilates an extremely smart investment choice if you’re looking for something new. The culture that we have created at Studio Pilates is one of mutual support for each other, one of shared values and one of success. If you believe that you can work successfully within a defined framework, support your fellow Franchisees in a positive and uplifting way and you truly value helping others and connecting with them, then Studio Pilates is absolutely for you.

If you have the belief in yourself that through our training you can learn the skills required to run a successful business and if you love to have a defined way of doing things that has been proven to be highly successful over and over again, then I encourage you to continue pressing forward on your journey and don’t slow down.