"I started the very first Studio Pilates because I believed that pilates classes were broken worldwide. They were boring, they were soft, they were difficult to understand and impossible to follow. They were often physically dangerous and posed a significant injury risk as well."

"They catered only to people who had done it 100 times before and this model scared off those who wanted to get into Pilates for the first time, which I felt was just so sad. So many hybrids were popping up and people were making things up and calling it Pilates when it was clearly not."

Jade believed that the problems went even deeper.

"Pilates classes were expensive, you stood around waiting for your instructor to tell you what to do next and then when they did tell you, you were still baffled and left unsure of exactly what to do."

Jade set about changing all of this and created something totally new. With a vision for creating something that was simple to understand, affordable for most people, an intense workout and safe all at the same time, Jade had his work cut out for him. But driven by a passion for how good a Pilates reformer class could be, Jade put his creative mind to work and re-engineered everything that he saw that could be better.  

What you see in a Studio Pilates class today is the evolution of Jade's belief in a better way to work out for close to two decades now. Our beat-driven, sweat-inducing reformer classes have redefined Pilates forever and people the world over now get to experience the difference for themselves.  

If you want to do something that transforms lives, if you want to transform your life and if you want to help reshape an entire industry, I invite you to join our team and let's change the way the world works out together.