There’s no time to stop right now. You need to keep moving forward and if you haven’t started your business plan already, you need to pay some attention to this now. We encourage you to build your own planning tools and templates or use the ones we’ve supplied. We don’t mind either way, as long as you are doing your local research and formulating a plan.

Planning is an exercise in success so ensure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s here. We have a few tips for you at this stage.

The main one is when you’re assessing the local market, really determine which local Pilates studios and fitness offerings are actually competition or if they are simply part of the landscape.

We consider very few Pilates studios to be competition, this is because what we offer is very unique and of such an impeccable standard. Many local pilates studios in your area may not necessarily be competition at all.

If a local physio clinic has one or 2 reformers, they are a very different kind of offering to a Studio Pilates workout, but when doing a google map search of Pilates in an area they will pop up as an option for people and at first glance it might seem like there is substantial competition in the area.

Some people get scared when they research competition when there is no need to. You see, often after more careful research, you’ll find that the offering that others provide is VERY, VERY different to what we offer. They may only offer mat Pilates for example, or they may have just a small handful of reformers and offer private classes instead.

Whilst it’s important to understand who exactly your local competition is in the area you should never be afraid of them, especially other boutique fitness offerings. You should embrace them and work with them.  Gymnasiums, Crossfit, group cycle studios and group HIIT studios are often great complimentary workouts with the Studio Pilates model and are a positive thing.

Stay focused now and get stuck into your plan and submit it when it’s done.

If you'd like to clarify something, anything at all, we're here for you. Simply click on the link below to arrange a call.